Julie’s Review Room: Spider-Man

New in theaters this week we have “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” once again starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.

This time Spider-Man must investigate some shady business at his father’s former company Oscorp all while fighting a new villain, navigating a relationship with Gwen Stacy and trying to learn the secrets of his parents’ disappearance. Sounds just like the first Amazing Spider-Man, doesn’t it? That’s because it IS. Yes, some of the names & faces might be different but it’s essentially the exact same story arc. Instead of the Lizard, this time we have Electro played by Jamie Fox.  Some clever effects are used to simulate the electricity coursing through his body, but Electro is such a tragic character, he’s never that scary.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” gets a boost from the chemistry between Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy, played by Garfield’s real-life girlfriend Emma Stone. They are adorable together but the constant onscreen break-up & make-up routine gets stale. As much as I like Andrew Garfield AS Spider-Man and I really do, I’m afraid this new round of films lacks the heart to really pull me in. In fact, there’s a hugely emotional scene near the end of this one where someone DIES. I didn’t even shed a tear and I cry over EVERYTHING. That’s why I’m giving “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” a C-. There’s a fine-line between making a good super-hero movie and making a soap opera for boys, and this Spider-Man takes a flying leap over it.


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