CBS Radio Building Gets Hit By Storm

On my way in to work today, I saw Leigh Ann’s tweet that one of the¬†windows of our CBS Radio tower was blown out by the storms.

Once I arrived, the electricity was out in our parking garage. Odd, but not crazy. I was greeted in the first floor lobby by our office manager who informed me the water in the building was also out of commission (which was great news after the venti coffee I slammed during my commute.) Oh, and in addition to our toilets temporarily not flushing, the elevators were on hiatus too. Did I mention KVIL is on the tenth floor?

So, after an impromptu cardio workout in my jeans, I walk into the studio…and the air conditioning isn’t working. Since I’d already hiked the majority of the way to the top of our structure, I figured I’d make my way up to the penthouse/12th floor. At least I could get a nice breeze of fresh air, right? Here’s what’s going on up there. (Special thanks to the dudes from Alpha Window & Glass who let me intrude and ask a bunch of annoying questions. Turns out, 12 stories is nothing. They’ve repaired windows on the 72nd floor before!)


Looks like Zazza & Julie’s guest Frankie McDonald was right on the money this morning when he predicted this weather!


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