Julie’s Review Room: Godzilla

News in theaters this week we have “Godzilla,” starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

How you feel about this latest “Godzilla” will all depend on how you feel about the monster himself. If you’ve seen every movie, starting with the 1954 original and consider “Godzilla” an icon, then you’ll love it. If you see him as just another movie monster, you might be less than impressed. The problem lies in that fact that filmmakers have gotten really good at making colossal movie monsters. We see them almost yearly in works like “Cloverfield,” “Super 8” and last years “Pacific Rim,” so watching over sized monsters stomping through a city is nothing new. Combine that with the fact that this one LOOKS like an old school “Godzilla” and it starts to feel almost nostalgic. Don’t get me wrong! The CGI is fantastic and the big monster-throw-down scenes are a cut-above. We’re also given solid performances from exceptional actors like Bryan Cranston and Emily Olsen, but the script gives them little to work with. So you’re really just left with Godzilla going nuts on a metropolis. If that’s enough for you than HAVE FUN! This movie was made for you! If you’re more like me you’ll feel like you’ve seen this all before and that’s why I’m giving “Godzilla” a C+.

OH, I’m also deducting points for Bryan Cranston’s hairpiece because seriously, that thing looks like a beaver pelt.


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