Julie’s She Mail: Giving Child Space & #OlderCoupleProbz

In this week’s  She Mail– Julie helps a newly divorced mom and #OlderCoupleProbz
Hey Julie!
I know how much you love your daughters and I am in a very tough position. My ex and I just divorced last year and he moved to CA for work, but his whole side of his family is out there. We still have a decent relationship mainly for the kids.
My daughter is 16 and told me she wants to spend the summer in CA with her dad and cousin. I am heartbroken. She is my everything. I am not going to fight her going, but how do I keep from going crazy without her all summer?
Thanks Karen (Southlake)

Hey Julie!

I have been on 3 dates with this guy and I really like him, but my friends say he’s not the one.
We are both in our mid 40’s. I have been married once and he has never been married. But here’s the problem, our first date was “all about him”. Date two was much better conversation but we split the bill just like date one.
Over the weekend we had a great evening that included Dinner at Jaspers and then a Movie of which he didn’t over to cover either.
Are the days of the guy paying for his date gone? Is this a sign of what’s to come? I dig his personality but now I am second guessing.
Kristen (Little Elm)

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