Julie’s Jabbers: Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet Foxy Brown

Everyone has been on a foxhunt in my neighborhood lately. This isn’t the kind of foxhunt that involves horses or guns, but it does center around one small brown fox. I call him Foxy Brown & encourage everyone else to do so because admit it, that’s an adorable name.

He showed up a few months ago in rumors and blurry photos from insistent neighbors. Then he got cocky & started walking through the neighborhood before the sunset to give all of us a good look at him. Sometimes he will even stop in our yard to bark repeatedly, which is shrill and loud like a teenaged girl being told she can’t go to prom. This has caused most everyone in my neighborhood to hit the streets at dusk, just for another look at Foxy. One man told me after a foxhunt Saturday night, “He ran next to me while I was riding my bike. It was awesome!”

This isn’t the first time my neighborhood went crazy over an animal. A few years ago, a rat snake claimed our hood and would slither right down the street, just DARING everyone to do something about it. We sat & watched him slowly make his way across the street once & deduced he was about 3-feet-long and the girth of a tennis ball can. A worried neighbor told us that he cruised right down the sidewalk and onto the playground, which he continued to do on a daily basis. Then came the day we found him slithering across the road with 2 massive tire-tracks across him. Sorry Snakey. Guess someone decided to do something about it.

We also LOVED a Bob White who moved in & cruised the streets nightly looking for love. If you followed him and whistled his signature “Bob-WHITE,” he’d stop and stare at you. Everyone within a quarter mile would walk around whistling “Bob-WHITE,” hoping to find him but often just ran into another whistling person.

I saw Bob walk into our overgrown creek one night & tried to stop him. That area is a known home for coyotes, bobcats and a handful of witches so I begged him to turn around. Bob just gave me his usual confused look and kept on going. I never saw Bob White again.

That’s why it concerns me to see Foxy running into the bushy creek on a nightly basis. I don’t know if he’s looking for food or cooler friends, but I think he may be searching for love. That’s why we’re going to start dressing our cat as a lady fox and will put him in the window at night. I figure it will be fine, as long as Foxy never actually gets his paws on JB. Plus, I think he feels pretty in the dress. What do you think?

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