Julie’s Review Room: Earth To Echo

New in theaters this week we have “Earth to Echo” about a group of friends who discover an alien & try to help him get find a way home.

Imagine if Stephen Spielberg made “E.T.” today, when kids like Elliot & his would have smart phones or other recording devices. Well, that’s the idea behind “Earth to Echo,” where Alex, Tuck & Munch discover something incredible and document every moment of it. They are being forced out of their neighborhood because of suspicious construction so on their last night together they embark on a big adventure to investigate.

Now, I might be comparing “Earth to Echo” to “E.T.” but that doesn’t mean it’s as GOOD. This film is definitely for kids so it sometimes feels like a well-made Nickelodeon show. The young actors aren’t always on point and there are some wildly improbable twists to move the story along. It’s also one of those found-footage flicks so if shaky-handheld camera shots aren’t your thing, might want to take a Dramamine before going.

“Earth to Echo” has enough heart to elevate it above these things though. Echo the alien is precious but the boys who help him are the ones who make the real difference here. Alex, Tuck & Munch are all lonely kids and the thought of losing each other when they move homes is horrible. They vow to make a difference during their last night together and THAT’S where the true story lies. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie and my daughters were even more blown away by it. That’s why I’m giving “Earth to Echo” a B. There’s such a great message here too, that no matter how small or how invisible you might feel, with a little bit of help from your friends you can make a HUGE difference.


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