Julie’s Jabbers: My Daughter The Freak Show

I have a 6-year-old girl who is adorable but I currently can’t look her in the face. The problem is her upper-front-tooth, which is so loose that it’s hanging from her gums. This tooth is so far gone that it actually PROTRUDES and can be seen even when her mouth is closed.

Lucy thinks this is hilarious. She pushes it with her tongue when anyone HAPPENS to glance her way and then giggles when they recoil in horror. It’s all fun and games until that same person threatens to pull her tooth.

That exact thing happened this weekend when Lucy was putting on her little freak-show for my friend, Kristi. Kristi can’t see a loose tooth without needing to pull it. She noticed my older girl had a wiggly tooth at a party once and offered to pull it so many times that my daughter finally asked if we could leave.

See my kids don’t WANT to have their teeth pulled. They’re not like those adventurous offspring who tie strings to their teeth and attach it to doorknobs or remote control cars. They won’t even let me TOUCH their loose teeth and honestly, I’m fine with that because I have deep-seeded tooth issues.

My Dad is a dentist and he ALWAYS pulled my teeth, even when I didn’t want him to. He would trick me and say, “Come on, just let me see how loose it is.”

And every single time- POP!

I eventually started hiding my loose teeth and as a result, I had baby teeth until I was 14.

I don’t want this to happen to my kids so I’m letting them lose their teeth in their own sweet time. I will however, keep serving up a constant diet of apples, plums and other foods teeth could get stuck in.

Just this weekend in fact, I watched Lucy eat corn on the cob and and half a rack of ribs with that awful dangling tooth, and against all odds it stayed intact.

The Tooth Fairy can’t seem to lose any money over that tooth, but I certainly lost my appetite.


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