Julie’s Jabbers: The Day We Found Bigfoot

My 10-year-old Emma is fascinated with Bigfoot. She even has a Bigfoot Society with school-friends and sleepovers often involve some form of “Squatching.” I think it’s cute and encourage this (probably more than my husband would like), which is why we ended up in Lake Worth, Texas last weekend.

The Dallas Morning News had just run a story about the Greer Island Goatman and how he ran amok in Lake Worth back in 1969. He didn’t do much more than scream and throw tires back then but he still became a part of North Texas folklore, especially when someone said he had horns. The article said that some people thought Goatman was a form of Bigfoot and that’s all Emma needed to plan a road trip.

Honestly, their Dad was working all weekend and school is about to start so they needed this sort of adventure to keep their spirits up. So we gassed up the car & headed west, with bug spray & granola bars in our backpacks.

After spending only 20 minutes lost (a record for us) we ended up at the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge, where the tiny Greer Island is located. It is gorgeous, for the record, and we had a blast watching the buffalo and the prairie dogs. We drove down the winding roads blasting Emma’s recorded Bigfoot screams and even attracted a small herd of deer with them. A friend said the Bigfoot screams are actually howling foxes but Emma forgets that part.

We crossed a narrow dirt walkway to Greer Island and were TRILLED to find that we had the place to ourselves. The girls and I walked deep into the woods and began pounding on trees with sticks (a thing Bigfoots do, I guess?), which had us nearly in tears from laughing so hard.

A few minutes into it though, I thought I heard something behind us. It sounded almost like someone else knocking on a tree. I waved my hands frantically for everyone to stop & we sat silently for a second. Then I felt an odd sensation; tingles running up the back of my neck.

They reminded me of a friend who was hiking in Yellowstone recently. She was mad because she hadn’t seen any bears but had an anxiety attack in the woods one-day & ran back to her car. She couldn’t say WHY she was scared; she just knew something dangerous was nearby. I told her those were her Spidely Senses and that she was probably being watched by something that wanted her for lunch.

We laughed about it that day but there on Greer Island, my Spidey Senses were tingling.

That’s when my 6-year-old said, “Mom, I think something is watching us.”

At that moment, I said the familiar words I’ve used to escape so many times before.

“I need a bathroom. Let’s go.”

Emma wasn’t having it.

“Mom! What is it? What did you hear?”

It didn’t matter because we were already heading back to the car, with me continuously checking the path behind us.

Emma couldn’t wait to tell her Dad, “Mom heard Bigfoot on Greer Island!

He said nothing but looked at me like, “Seriously? Am I the ONLY parent HERE?”

So I explained that I wasn’t sure what I heard and I certainly didn’t SEE anything. It was nothing more than a beautiful walk in the woods with a little bit of Squatching on the side.

That is all.

But if you head out to Greer Island and your Spidey Senses start tingling…it seriously might be time for a potty break.


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