A Doss Of Sass: Taylor Swift Hacked!

Taylor Swift’s 70 million social media followers experienced the pop star being the latest musical artist to be hacked! As Taylor tweeted out once her social media accounts were restored, “Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack” referencing her hit song ‘Shake It Off’. The “Lizard Squad” who boasted they were responsible for the hack, has since been shut down, but not before they said they were going to post nude photos of the 25 year old singer. Swift responded to that tweet blasting out, “PS any hackers saying they have ‘nudes’? Psssh….. You’d love that wouldn’t you! Have fun photo shopping cause you got NOTHING!”

Kim Kardashian almost ‘Broke the Internet’ with one word on a recent E! interview. When asked about rumors that step-dad Bruce Jenner is going through the transformation from a male Olympic athlete to a woman,¬† Kim said it should be Bruce’s choice when he wants to talk about his (here’s the one word, wait for it…) “journey”. Interesting word choice, Kim! Sounds like a reality show to me, and my sources are telling me that Bruce is indeed filming a docuseries about his life changes. I would be remiss if I did not note that Ms. Kardashian’s interview hair and make-up did look gorgeous (do you think Bruce wants to look like Kim!?)

Chris Brown let his fans know via Instagram he is “delaying” his upcoming tour! Why you ask? Turns out he has not yet completed his court-ordered community service of 1,000 hours and the judge is not allowing him to perform¬†until he has done the time! My sources are telling me he has 100 hours to complete. Dear Chris, I would suggest a call to Ms. Lohan (in her court hearing this week, she turned in a Meet and Greet with her fans as part of her court ordered community service hours…however, the city attorney has ask for further documentation regarding exactly how she calculated her 240 hours of community service!)

Best Grammy rumor I have heard so far is that Sir Paul McCartney, Kayne West and Rihanna are all performing together during the February 8th awards ceremony! In a word, SassFab!

As Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon head for their showdown divorce, I have discovered they are not the only ones talking about their adorable three-year old twins Monroe and Moroccan. A former nanny is suing the couple stating that she was fired unfairly because she was too affectionate with the kids (sounds like Mariah might have been a tad jealous that the kids liked someone more than her!) Not only is she seeking an undisclosed amount of money, but also back pay and additionally wants overtime claiming that many times she worked over 100 hours a week!


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