Teacher Shows Up To First Day Of School Drunk And Not Wearing Any Pants!

Lets be honest, being a teacher isn’t an easy job. Especially if you’re a high school teacher. Students can be really mean, and overwhelming at times.

This teacher in Oklahoma decided to extend her vacation time to the first day of school. She showed up to school wasted, and wearing no pants. How do you forget to wear pants when you leave the house?

Do you think she didn’t set an alarm, woke up late, and just ran out of the house? We are trying to make some kind of excuse as to why she wasn’t wearing any pants.

Another teacher found her passed out in her room, and they called the police. When the police showed up she admitted she had been drinking, and they charged her with public intoxication. There weren’t any witnesses to prove she had actually been driving.

We kind of feel sorry for her in a weird awkward way, and bet the students think she is cool now. That’s usually how these things work out. The school hasn’t made a statement yet as to her punishment.


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