Good News Teens, Nap Time Is Back

Everyone can agree most highschooler’s don’t get enough sleep now a days. High school can be a rough time, especially now. The world is a much more competitive place than it used to be. A lot of kids are forced to juggle academics, athletics, extra curriculars, and what can be a very awkward and confusing social life.

It seems like teens are getting less and less sleep every day. That stereotype of teenagers being lazy and sleeping all day isn’t really accurate now a days.

Well a small group of schools are allowing their students to have ‘Nap Clubs’ so some of the more sleep deprived busy bodies can get some much needed rest.

This actually isn’t the first time schools have experimented with nap time. The idea is that kids need a balance of rest and activity to perform at their highest level. Makes sense right? Well life can get away from you sometimes so maybe it’s a good thing that educators are taking rest into consideration, or this is just a huge waste of time and those kids need to get back to studying.


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