Pig Found Roaming Around Corpus Christi Gas Station Is Up For Adoption

A convenience store worker in Corpus Christi called police around 3am early Wednesday morning to report a loose pig walking around and following customers in their parking lot.  The caller told police, “I’ve got a really strange thing going on here. I’ve got a pig that won’t leave my parking lot.”  The dispatcher replied, “A pig?”  The caller replied, “A pig.  Yes, ma’am.  Bacon on the hoof.”

The pig, affectionately named Piggy Wiggy, had burns all over her body, and it took five police officers along with an animal control officer to round her up.  Officials do not know how she found her way to the gas station, and Piggy Wiggy is now under the care of Corpus Christi Animal Care Services.

She is also now up for adoption!

Via Dallas News


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