Frisco ISD Could Soon Use Students To Help Its Custodians


Frisco ISD responded to our original story which was also posted on our sister station 100.3 Jack FM:

They have also issued a written a response to JT, Jack FM’s morning show personality, on the matter, “Hello, we feel as though the Dallas Morning News headline was equally misleading and sensational. Here’s the actual recommendation made by staff and community members: Implement reasonable “self-service” programs to reduce custodial needs. Create reasonable programs for reduced services that are significantly time consuming, Example: classroom trash receptacles can be emptied to a central point by students each day…What they are suggesting was having students or staff put trash cans into the hallway to save custodians time or empty trash cans into a designated point in the middle of a common area to help out and promote personal responsibility.”

Frisco ISD also sent a link with more information you can view that HERE.


Frisco ISD could very well start employing its students as janitors.  This was just one of the many suggestions made at a meeting to discuss how to handle the district’s budget shortfall.

Last August, voters rejected a tax rate hike which would have brought more state funding to the 60,000 student school district.  With that rejection, school officials and volunteers have to get a little creative now in the ways to help balance the budget.

One of those suggestions was to cut back on the hours of the janitorial staffs employed by having students empty out the trash cans themselves.  The volunteers also suggested charging students, including up to $200 for high schoolers, to participate in athletics, and establishing a minimum number of students for courses.

Superintendent Jeremy Lyon explains that the hope of these focus groups is to “design a process that would bring the community together, to identify our priorities as a school district, to recognize the strengths and weaknesses that we have and to arrive and land on our feet with a balanced budget.”

Via Dallas News


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