Aaron Carter On Why He Called His Comeback Album ‘Love’

Aaron Carter opens up to Tanner Kloven about his comeback EP, his relationship status, and everything in between in a very raw interview on AMP 103.7.

“My goal is to get the record to gold. And from that point just keep touring and connecting with the fan base.” Aaron said about his comeback. He expanded talking about ‘Sooner or Later’ “The song mean a lot to me. I make my beats, I have a co producer that works with me… and we make all the beats together. So I get to produce my stuff, and then I’m also a writer on the whole project too.”

Then the interview turned to why there was such a big gap between Aaron’s singles. “To be completely honest, When I turned 18 my parents were my managers. And I was hit with millions of dollars in tax liens from when I was like 11 and 12 that they didn’t pay… The courts basically made it so I couldn’t release any music.” Adding, “I ended up having to file for a chapter seven bankruptcy… I ended up just taking the brunt of it. And filed for bankruptcy myself.”

He also mentioned that he had been making music this whole time, and talked about why his comeback album is called ‘Love’.

Listen to the complete interview in the audio above.


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