HS Senior Bought Every Single Female A Rose For Valentine’s Day

You just got schooled by a high school Senior on Valentine’s Day. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you did on Tuesday night because it will never compare to Zach Peterson, who bought roses for all the girls at school.

Zach is a Senior at Holman High School in Wisconsin. He also has a really big heart! This Valentine’s Day he opted to buy every single girl at school a rose. And it’s not just the girls in the student body, this was everyone from the female teachers to the lunch ladies. That’s more than six hundred roses! Peterson said…

“A lot of people don’t get flowers, and then they get mad if they don’t get flowers, or sad if they don’t get flowers. I am handing out roses to every girl in the school.”

Peterson spent $450out of his own pocket to pull off what may go down as the greatest Valentine’s day in history.


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