Carrie Underwood Admits To Putting Makeup On Her Husband

Carrie Underwood let it all loose with a number of her beauty confessions, the most interesting of which is the fact that she does her husband’s makeup. Oh, did we forget to say her husband, Mike Fisher, plays for the NHL?

That’s not exactly the kind of information Fisher wants floating around the sports world, but to be fair Underwood explained that she uses concealers to hide any nasty hockey bruises if they go out to a formal event. Still… the mascara and blush jokes are sure to come in full force, especially in the locker room.

Here’s a copy of the full transcript from the interview:

[MUSIC]. I have tried to go incognito in a wig before. It was right before Christmas, the busiest time. I just need to get. Into the mall and buy some Christmas presents. [MUSIC] I’m my own glam squad before shows. Makeup on stage is a little bit different than doing a red carpet or something like that. The lights are so harsh you can kinda just get away with wearing a lot and I like that. So, I’m good at putting a lot of makeup on my face. I have cut my own bangs. I cut my own hair semi-regularly. It’s like you cut a little over here, then it’s like ooh, now I gotta do this side, ooh too much, now I gotta do this side. It’s this never ending cycle of badness. [MUSIC] He’s not gonna like this one. I have actually put makeup on my husband. He’s gonna kill me. He plays hockey, so So sometimes he gets bruises or cuts on his face and stuff like that. And if we had a red carpet, I’ll be like, can I just come and take care of that? So I’ve actually put makeup on him.

Via In Style


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