The Worst Things You Can Do At Starbucks, According To A Barista

There are few things that can rip at a person’s soul like working in the service industry does.  Especially at a high volume establishment like Starbucks, where most of the time people have not had their pick-me-up for the day and are ornery and upset for no reason.

Brian Beckwith is a Starbucks barista who attends the University of Michigan, and he detailed eight things that he can normally expect to encounter during a normal shift.  He wrote the article with the hopes that Starbucks patrons will “spare your barista the grief.”

That being said, here are the eight most annoying things you can do at Starbucks, according to a barista.

1- Not saying what size.

Beckwith says even if you are not familiar with the Starbucks lingo, you can say “large” and your barista will be able to help you out.  He says it can repetitive asking customers what size drink they want for each order, while trying to remember each order.

2- Ordering while on your phone.

This one probably goes without saying.  Phones are distracting, and there’s a line, Miranda.  Get off your phone.

3- Dumping coffee into the trash.

Normally, a barista will ask if you would like room in your cup for cream or milk.  This is so you don’t have to dump the coffee in the trash to make room.

4- “I wanted that iced.”

Let your barista know immediately if you want your drink iced, otherwise it’s going to come out hot.  Even when it’s 102 outside in the middle of August.  Ice is nice, but be sure to mention that twice.

5- “Frappé”

Frappés are at McDonald’s.  Frappuccinos are at Starbucks.  If you order a frappé, Beckwith says not only will you sound stupid, but your barista will judge you.

6- “Is this mine?”

If you ordered a small, hot drink a minute ago, the large iced drink on the counter is not yours.

7- Being in a hurry.

Everybody is likely in a hurry.  Drinks are not prioritized because you are late.

8- Iced Caramel Macchiato

Macchiatos are meant to be hot, and are created with very specific layers that are meant to mix naturally with each other as they are consumed.  When ordered iced and drank through a straw, Beckwith says you start at the bottom and the entire drink is backwards.

Of course, service is a two-way street.  There are plenty of things baristas do that are annoying, but how about we extend the first branch of the common courtesy tree?

Via Spoon University


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