Dog Lovers Are Blessed And Happy, Cat Lovers Are Sad And Single According To New Survey

First off, we are only reporting what this survey said.  We love both cats and dogs and we want to adopt them all.

However…a new study from over 1,000 single people seems to confirm a long-held stereotype: people who love dogs are sexy, whereas cat lovers really aren’t that all attractive because they are sad all the time.

EliteSingles conducted the survey, and they found that 63% of people find dog owners to be “sexy and endearing,” where only 18% of people said cat owners were attractive.  The remaining 19% of the participants said that owning any kind of pet was not attractive at all, but we aren’t going to worry about those people.

In the end, we can all agree that our pets are one of the most important things in our lives.  32% of dog owners said they would dump their flame if their dog was not a fan, and 27% of cat owners said the same thing.

Via Maxim


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