Study Shows Flag Football As Dangerous As Tackle Football

According to surprising new data, the answer to concussions is not to eliminate the tackles.

Researchers at the University of Iowa wanted to see if not allowing tackling would reduce the risk for injury.

It seems that there is not a significant difference in severe injuries and concussions between flag and tackle football.

In fact, injuries that were bad enough to keep players from missing games happened more often with flag football players than tackle players!

The study author went so far as to say tackle football is actually a relatively safe sport and there are more benefits than risks, especially when you consider how important it is to get kids running around instead of sitting around.

“We know there’s a real risk related to sedentary activity and obesity. It’s better to keep kids moving and keep kids active. I’d rather tolerate a little bit of risk on the football field than this known risk of inactivity and obesity” said Dr. Andrew Peterson of the University of Iowa’s Sports Medicine Program


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