Texas Seeing A Rise In Support For The Legalization Of Marijuana

In a recent poll conducted by the University of Texas, fewer than one in five of those surveyed are opposed to any sort of legalization of marijuana.  While support for strictly medical use has dropped over the last few years, support for recreational and for private use has grown since February 2015.

83% of Texans support the legalization of marijuana for some use, whereas 53% would allow possession of marijuana for any use.  When a similar survey was conducted two years ago, 24% of Texans said no amount of marijuana should be legal for any use, and 34& said it should be allowed only for medical reasons.

Jim Henson, who runs the Texas Politics Project at UT-Austin and also co-directed the poll said “The number of people who want to keep marijuana completely illegal decreased by seven points.  The commensurate shift is in Republicans saying small amounts should be legal, and those who said any amount should be legal increased by six points.  The other thing that may be going on here is the possible disappearance of the medium ground.  It reminds me of what happened with gay marriage, where people often chose the civil union option.  A similar thing is happening with medical marijuana as a kind of way station.”

The legalization of marijuana was more popular with Democrats than Republicans, men than with women, and younger Texans more than older ones.

Via Star Telegram


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