Celebs Are Getting Surgery To Have A Permanent Smile

Is surgery worth not looking completely ungrateful if you happen to lose an award?

That’s what some actors and actresses have to decide, pretty soon in fact.  Dermatologist Harold Lancer offers a procedure that can wipe away any prospect of a “loser face” from appearing.

Lancer takes super tiny micro threads, and inserts them along the upper and lower outer lip to actually life the angle of the mouth.  The procedure costs about $300 per thread, with most patients opting for three threads on each side.

Another procedure, from plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, takes a small wedge of tissue out from the corners where your lip goes from downturned to turned up.  That procedure runs about $5,000 to $7,000, and Fisher recommends is only for people “whose mouths really turn down.”

Lancer counted about 30 his patients at the most recent SAG Awards, and says that appearing like a gracious loser can net an actor more roles in the future.  “It’s all about appearances.  The nomination is what counts, that’s true, but if you look happy even though you lost, chances are you’re going to get another job anyway.”

Via Hollywood Reporter


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