The European Union Just Voted To Stop Letting Americans In Without Visas

This is not good news at all. The EU just voted to end via-free travel for Americans to all countries within the European Union. This decision was made because the US does not offer visa-free travel to five countries within the EU, which violates a reciprocity agreement. Those countries are, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus.

The European Parliament cannot implement the change, but it has asked the European Commission to act on these changes within two months. If the decision does come into effect then Americans wishing to travel to Europe will have to apply for a visa of some kind.

The EU hopes they can come to some sort of resolution with the US. We could see the US retaliate by banning visa-free travel to all of the EU, though experts have agreed that a ban on visa-free travel will be a major hit to Europe’s economy and have an adverse effect on tourism and revenue from businesses.

Via Elite Daily


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