Josh Gad Speaks Out About Beauty & The Beast Gay Scene, Says It Is “Subtle But Incredibly Effective”

Disney’s new live action version of Beauty and the Beast arrives in theaters next week, but not without controversy. It involves the character LeFou – the buffoonish henchman of the story’s villain, Gaston.

In the 1991 animated feature, LeFou was a foolish cartoon. But in the new version, he’s played by the wonderfully talented Josh Gad – and reveals a hopelessly futile crush on the bullying bad guy he idolizes. That depiction has more than a few religious organizations upset, with some critics claiming Disney is actually engaging in activism.

You can read Josh Gad’s comments HERE.

Between some calls for boycotts, one Russian lawmaker even proposed banning the film – although a government spokesman in Moscow says that won’t be happening. Still, owners of one Alabama drive-in say because of LeFou’s characterization, they won’t be showing the film – even though it’s expected to be a box-office smash.

So, what are your thoughts? Does how LeFou is portrayed matter? Will it affect your decision to see the film? Take our poll and tell us what you think.


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