Mom Jeans Are Making A Comeback, This Time With A Clear Patch Where You Can See Your Knees!

Being a mom is difficult, what with the maintaing the household while juggling a regular job and trying to wrangle up however many kids there are.  Sometimes, fashion isn’t always on the forefront of the mind, especially since the risk of whatever you’re wearing becoming ripped, torn, or dirty is so high.

If you’re constantly having to crawl around trying to be the best mom you can, Top Shop has got your back.  Top Shop, via Nordstrom’s, has released the brand new “Clear Knee Mom Jeans,” and they are exactly what they say they are.  The website describes the jeans as “Slick plastic panels bare your knees for a futuristic feel in tapered and cropped high-waist jeans.”

So are these jeans the clothes of the future, or do they signal the end of days as we know it?

Via AV Club


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