Mount Etna Erupts, Injures 10

Mount Etna in Rome Italy, erupted injuring 10 bystanders including news crew.

The blast was caused by a “phreatic eruption” in which fast-moving lava moves over snow, creating high-pressure pockets of steam, Marco Neri, a volcanologist at Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology told NBC News. None of the bystanders were seriously injured. Etna has been spewing out ash the last couple of days but hasn’t disrupted any nearby residents. A BBC news crew was right there when the volcano erupted, in the video you can hear people screaming as it erupts and see all the debris falling on to the by standers. BBC corespondent Rebecca Morelle who was there when the volcano erupted, tweeted out “Reminder of how dangerous and unpredictable volcanoes can be,” and even posted a pic of her jacket that was burnt.

Mother Nature is unpredictable that’s for sure, glad to hear everyone is okay. Check out the explosion of the volcano below.


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