Snake Sneaks Into An Internet Cafe, Sending Grown Men Into Mass Hysteria

Snakes are scary sneaky! For the most part, we underestimate the abilities of these slithery creatures. They can climb walls! Not to mention, they can leap from place to place!

Basically, snakes are just plain terrifying. They haunt our dreams and sometimes internet cafes.

For those of you who never want to sleep again, this security camera footage in an internet cafe is a must watch. For several men, it was a moment of pure chaos and hysteria after a snake managed to jump inside an open door of the cafe. As the customer opens the door, the snake makes a break for the inside. Somehow, the snake seems to get caught on his shirt, sending the man into sheer panic. Once the snake is loose inside the cafe, the rest of the patrons immediately jump up in their chairs. Obviously, they didn’t see that this snake can jump!


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