The iPhone 8 Might Float And Include Shock Absorbers To Prevent Cracking

It’s so unsettling to watch all of you who carry around their iPhones every single day without a case.  It just looks like an invitation to the cracked-screen party and all of you are invited.

If some new patents discovered hold true, however, it looks like Apple will make the necessity of carrying your phone in a case to prevent cracked screens completely obsolete.

When a phone is dropped, bumpers will pop out of the phone from each corner and will cushion the impact from the fall.  According to the patent, the bumper technology will be based on sensors that can detect when the device is in a free fall.  Tech Stuff reported that the patent read “The length of time in free fall may be used to calculate the height and velocity of movement, and thus to make a determination whether the device has been dropped or merely set down.”

The patent continued saying “Devices may sometimes be exposed to elements such as water and may even be dropped into water environments such as a lake, ocean, or even a bathtub or sink within the home,” which means that the new iPhone 8 might also float!

There is no word yet when the iPhone 8 will be released, or even demoed for the public.

Via Cosmopolitan


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