Family Shocked When Shimmering Waves On Soccer Field Turn Out To Be Giant Spider Web

A family in Papamoa, New Zealand arrived at their local soccer field to discover a beautiful, shimmering wave flowing across the grass.

Walking closer, however, their feet started getting stuck, and then they discovered little black things on top of the waves.  Tracey Maris recalled, “So, as you do, we screamed really loudly.  Oh my God, they were everywhere; literally thousands of them.”  The waves were actually one giant spider web, 66 feet long to be exact.

According to a New Zealand spider expert, those tiny arachnids the family discovered usually live in the grass, although recent floods forced them to seek higher ground.  Creating that giant web is actually called “ballooning,” or “spider bum parachuting.”  The little guys will shoot their silk into the air, hoping the wind will catch them and move them to higher ground.   When thousands of them do it, it creates the giant web effect.

The web had all but disappeared the following day, but knowing those spiders potentially just moved back home into the grass, think you’d feel comfortable walking around there?

Via Atlas Obscura


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