We Cannot Figure Out The Answer To This Kindergartner’s Homework Assignment

Hey we’re all adults, and being adults we should be able to complete a homework assignment meant for a Kindergartner in no time flat.

So you would think, but when Royce Winnick was asked by a 5-year-old for help on a take-home worksheet, even she was stumped.

The assignment focuses on the letter “T,” and asked for the student to write the letter both in its upper and lower case from, and then write the sounds they hear when they tap out the words in a corresponding picture.

Take a look for yourself below:

Ok, so “tub,” “ten,” and “top” are all pretty easy.  We got those no problem.  But then…bunnies?  Winnick posted the photo online asking for help, and suggestions for the answer ranged from “twins,” “two by two,” “thumpers,” “twabbit,” and “I bet this was an error.”

They settled on “pet,” which the teacher marked “Ok,” which probably means she knew the assignment was ridiculous  The true answer turned out to be “vet,” which makes “no sense” Winnick told the Huff Post.

If that wasn’t bad enough, here’s another page from the assignment, which follows the same formula as before.

Apparently, the answers to the bottom two are “kin,” and “Ken.”  Winnick continued saying, “Again, how is a 5-year-old supposed to know that?”

Forget the 5-year-olds, we couldn’t figure them out either!

Via Huff Post 


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