Zac Efron Cut Out Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, And Basically Fun From His Diet To Get Ripped For “Baywatch”

Just in case you weren’t aware, Zac Efron got more ripped than usual for his upcoming role in Baywatch.  

His co-star in the film, Kelly Rohrbach, dished on Efron’s secrets to gaining and maintaining such a ripped physique, and it comes down to basically cutting out everything fun in your diet.  Rohrbach told E!’s Sibley Scoles “It was the most no sugar, no gluten, no dairy set you’ve ever been on.  I was sneaking to craft services and sneaking in peanut M&Ms, hoping no one would see me.”

She also revealed that Efron kept the motivation on the set at an all-time high.  “Everyone worked so hard in this film.  They would call ‘cut’ on a scene and Zac would jump down and do 50 push-ups.  He was so disciplined.  Obviously you want to look good for the film, but it was really to get us in the mindset of the characters.”

Along with the n0-fun diet, Efron claimed his motivation to stay jacked came from co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  He told Scoles, “Everybody knows all the secrets, the tricks of the trade.  For this part, it was just commitment.  It was as much of the character as it was the acting.  I had to keep up with The Rock.  If he’s The Rock, I wanted to be Bruce Lee.”

See, it’s that easy!  Just don’t eat anything fun and star in a movie with The Rock, and you can get jacked too!

Via E!


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