Uber To Bring Flying Air Taxis To Dallas Within Next Five Years

Expanding on an idea published last year, Uber announced its plans to bring urban air travel to Dallas.

All of their aircrafts will be capable of vertical takeoffs and landing, and the company assures that the crafts will be quiet enough to land near homes and offices without making too much noise.

The biggest hurdle the company has faced is finding cities willing to test the new air taxis.  Dubai has already green-lit a program from a Chinese drone maker, and have plans to start flying air taxis this upcoming July.  Luckily for us, Uber made a big impression on the mayors of both Dallas and Fort Worth, and have plans to bring the air taxis to the Metroplex.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said, “Every part of this marketplace, we’re seeing tremendous growth.  So it’s going to need innovative transportation answers.  We have a history of aviation.  We have American Airlines, Southwest, Bell Helicopter, so many.”  While Uber pitched Elevate as a replacement to building new roadways and taking public transportation, Rawlings confirmed that the air taxis would just provide another option for consumers.  “Anytime there’s innovation in the marketplace, I don’t think anybody truly knows the results of these things, or the costs.  We’ve got to be multimodal—there’s no question—in this city.”

Uber hopes to start testing the air taxis by 2020, and putting them into public service by 2023.

Via Fast Company


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