Check Out This Pizza Prom Dress

Prom season is officially upon us.

Let’s be honest, it’s all about the dress. Some ladies want sparkles and others want lace. But what about the pizza fan? Where does a pizza lover go to find the perfect prom dress?

Meet Olivia Mears, who calls herself the Taco Belle. She’s a costume designer and artist living in New York City. Her latest creation…the pizza prom dress, which looks like one delicious dish dress. So pretty you could eat it! It comes with several slices of pepperoni, green onions, black olives, mushrooms, extra cheese, and a deep dish crust. Mmmmmmm.

Perhaps the coolest part of the dress is that when she lays down, it becomes a whole pizza!

Unfortunately, the pizza prom dress is a one of a kind. Meaning it’s not for sale. Booooooo!


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