DFW Beats Chicago, LA, And New York In National “City Nature Challenge” Competition

There’s a lot of beauty most DFW residents don’t realize is right in our backyard.  If you need any convincing, look no further than the “City Nature Challenge.”  Participating cities were challenged to “observe the most nature,” and upload pictures of their findings online.

Last year, San Francisco and Los Angeles the first ever of this competition, and this year expanded it to include 16 cities including DFW, New York, Chicago, Miami, Salt Lake City, Houston, and Austin.

Citizens were asked to upload photos of plants, animals and other living organisms to the free app iNaturalist, and DFW tallied the most observations with 502 citizen scientists collecting 24,136 observations across the Metroplex.

Several projects were organized across DFW for citizens to participate in the four-day event.  Notably, the DPRD—City of Dallas, where 100 citizen scientists collected 3,109 observations including 386 plant species and 84 bird species.  The DPRD—WR Creek Watershed, includes parks from Harry S. Moss Park down to Samuell Grand Park, where 686 observations accounting for 243 species were collected, including 57 insect species, 120 species of plants, and 37 bird species.  And finally, the DPRD–WR Unit #6 (Bath House) in White Rock Lake, where in less than two hours, 7 observers collected 96 observations covering 48 different species, including 36 species of plants.

Via Dallas Parks


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