Firefighter’s Wallet Returned After 13 Years Completely Intact

Dean McAuley was out on a shift as a firefighter when his wife, Stacy, received a package in the mail with a note attached.  She called him and work and said, “You are never going to believe what you just got in the mail.”

The note read:

Mr. McAuley, I found your wallet outside a Mexican restaurant years ago.  I made several attempts to get it back to you, to no avail.  I was reluctant to give it to your bank or the local police, as they would not make any attempt to return it to you.  Just recently, I found it in my desk at work and found your address on the Pierce County assessor’s website.  I apologize it took so long, but I had actually forgot about it after a while.”

The note was anonymous, and surprisingly, everything in the wallet remained over the 13 years.  McAuley found $11, numerous credit cards, his license, and even bank account numbers.  McAuley never had his identity stolen, and doesn’t even remember losing his wallet.  He remembers the panic and immediately canceling his cards, but says at the time he wasn’t married, had no children, and was just focused on his career.

Still McAuley is forever grateful for the anonymous person who held onto his wallet for so long, and took the time to find him even after more than a decade.  “I’d love to find this person.  I would say thank you for giving my son an example that’s going to go on for generations.  It has nothing to do with the money, it has nothing to do with a wallet.  It has to do with character.  This note, I’m going to save forever and it’s always going to be about doing the right thing when nobody is looking.”

Via King5


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