What Are The Most Common Things We Lie About On First Dates?

Being in a relationship, for the most part, is totally awesome.  Dating, for the most part, is totally not.

It’s a test in how well you can hide how awkward you really are, and it can be incredibly stressful!  The whole goal is to get, seemingly, a total stranger to like you, and that’s pretty difficult.  So occasionally, we might throw in a little white lie now and then.  Nothing too serious or damning, just a little streeeetch of the truth to make us look really, really good.

Now men and women do this to, mind you.  The most common white lie we tell is of our sexual history.  Women tend to decrease the amount of partners they’ve had, whereas men will usually both increase and decrease the amount of partners they’ve had, depending on what the situation calls for.

The most common subjects we tend to lie about on dates are as ranked:

1. Sexual history (19.2 percent)
2. Dating history (17.6 percent)
3. Finances (11.8 percent)
4. Where you live (9.9 percent)
5. Age (8.3 percent)
6. Interests/hobbies (8.1 percent)
7. Job (6.2 percent)
8. Having kids (2.6 percent)
9. Being divorced (2.1 percent)

In the end, is lying about something ever worth the trouble?  If anything it causes more stress because you have to remember what you said rather than the truth, and you’re already stressed out enough from the whole dating thing!  Keep the lies to a minimum, folks!

Via Elite Daily


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