Justin Bieber’s Tour Rider Is Out And It’s Super Simple And Low Key Just Kidding He Wants A Private Jet

We get it.  There’s no doubt that artists who tour and perform constantly like to have some creature comforts when they travel from city to city, and the Biebs is no different.  Artists will send “riders” out to different cities on the tour to make sure each arena is prepped and ready for them when they enter.

Bieber’s management sent out the rider for Bieber’s upcoming five-day stay in India, and let’s just say that his demands probably wouldn’t line up with the majority of folks looking to feel comfortable on a trip.

Some of the low-key things the Biebs wants for this tour include:

-A convoy of 10 luxury sedans and two Volvo buses at his entourage’s disposal.

-A Rolls Royce for personal commute.

-A private jet to travel around India in.

-A chopper to fly into the stadium on the day of his performance.

-Three floors of a luxury hotel exclusively cordoned off as his private villa.

-Renowned culinary experts to supervise his five-course gourmet meals, all renamed after his popular songs.

-A “yoga casket” containing aromatic essential oils, camphor incense sticks and literature on chakras and yoga asanas.

-a list of spray tan salons, sushi restaurants, steakhouses, shopping malls, bowling alleys, movie theatres, casinos, nightclubs, basketball courts and recording studios for the crew.

And this is only the beginning!  Check out the rest of the Biebs’ demands HERE!

Via Buzzfeed


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