Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Tryouts Are This Weekend: Here’s What You Need To Know

It all kicks off tomorrow: auditions for the 2017 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad!

Kristi Scales from the Dallas Cowboys Radio Network has judged for 17 years: and has some cool behind-the-scenes peeks into how they pick out members of this elite cheerleader squad.  She’s put together 7 Fun Facts about the process.

Here are some of my favorite (and the most interesting):

  • Just because you make it through the 3 rounds doesn’t mean you’re in.  42-to-45 will be invited to camp: but about 36 will make it.
  • There’s no maximum age or weight requirements: you just need to be 18-years-old on the first day of auditions.  50 and 60-year-old ladies have auditioned!
  • Men have auditioned: and have been cheerleaders (back in the ’60s where local high school students cheered for the Cowboys when they played the Cotton Bowl).
  • There’s a written test: it isn’t always easy!  It’s 100 questions of both fill-in and multiple choice: everything from pop culture…to AT&T Stadium history and trivia.

In the end (to quote Ms. Scales): “…the Cowboys organization is looking for well-rounded young women who are equally smart, talented, and poised (and just happen to be world-class performers who can dazzle on the sideline and the big screen)!”

Good luck if you’re trying out!

Source: Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau

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