Plano Artist Makes Art Out of Popcorn Kernels

Talk about tiny details.

Who knew you could make art out of popcorn. Harry Kalenberg of Plano has one of the coolest hobbies. He takes individual pieces of popcorn and uses a ball point pen and markers to make tiny works of art. His work with miniature models even includes celebrities like Elvis and Donald Trump. Harry has been make his popcorn art for over 28 years now, his work has been displayed in Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museums all over the world. It all started when Harry was eating popcorn with his wife one night and noticed a piece that looked like a gorilla. “I was sitting one night eating popcorn with my wife, and I picked up a piece and said ‘Oh my goodness, there’s a gorilla right there,’” Check out some of Harry’s cool art work below.


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