Dinosaur Tracks Discovered North of Fort Worth

Crazy how you could be standing in a foot print and not even know it.

One jogger in Springtown Texas happen to notice something a bit odd in a near by creek. A local paleontologist was brought out to check out the site when the jogger called about a 3 toed foot print. Turns out there are dino tracks all through the creek bed. Art Sahlstein told CBS 11 that he’s theory “Common sense says that, heck, this is got to be some sort of family outing, and there is no real rhyme or reason right now as to a direction. They weren’t going any place. They were just hanging around down here. So I figure it’s kind of like a disco party. They were all just tromping around in the mud 110 million years ago having some fun!” The footprints are likely from a Acrocanthosaurus according to Sahlstein. How cool is that to have dinosaur tracks in your hometown.


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