Here Are The Sports That Offer The Best — And Worst — Odds of Getting A Scholarship

With the sticker shock of higher education, a kid talented in these sports may get college paid for. Is there a gymnast in the family?

Indeed, if you’re on the gymnastics, fencing or ice hockey team in high school, you have a better chance of getting a college scholarship than if you play football!

And, if you’re on the golf, alpine skiing or rifle team, you have better odds of getting that scholarship than if you’re on the basketball team.

Unfortunately, if you’re playing water polo, volleyball or are a wrestler, your odds are terrible … so, hopefully, you’re playing for the love of the sport.

As you might guess, the big two – football and basketball – generate far more money than every other sport combined. But I know first-hand that fencing is fun… and don’t the outfits look like something out of Star Wars?


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