Internet Pirates Pirate The New Pirates Of The Caribean Film. Demand Ransom From Disney

Internet hackers are claiming they have gained access to the new Pirates of the Caribbean film, and are demanding a ransom payment from Disney lest they release the movie before it’s released.

While there isn’t any concrete evidence their claims are valid, the series of events closely resembles the recent leaks of Orange is the New Black.  Hackers then demanded a ransom from Netflix, and released the new episodes early after the streaming service didn’t comply.

According to Deadline, the hackers are demanding an “enormous amount of money,” and require it be paid in Bitcoin, as it is harder to trace.  Disney has no plans to pay, and is currently working with the FBI to resolve the matter.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will be the fifth entry in the series, and is scheduled for a wide release next Friday.

Via The Verge


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