Liam Payne Loves His Son’s Name “Bear,” But Needed Some Convincing From Partner Cheryl Cole

Liam Payne revealed in a new interview that it was actually his partner Cheryl Cole’s decision to name their son “Bear.”

Liam explained that he wanted a more traditional name, but was eventually was able to be convinced on the unusual name.  Liam said, “It was an internal battle.  I wanted a more traditional name and she wanted a name that was more unusual.  The reason she chose Bear was because Bear is a name that when you leave a room, you won’t forget.”

The 23-year-old then added, “You know what? Now he is Bear.  When I look at him, he’s just Bear.  At first I wasn’t really having it.  I was like, ‘I’m not really sure.  I don’t really understand.’  Now I look at him and he’s Bear.  You become your name as you get older anyway.”

Via E!


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