RompHims Are Rompers For Men, Because Men’s Fashion Was Getting Too “Runway” And “Basic”

Fellas, how many times have you seen a woman wear a romper and thought, “Man, I wish we could wear something like that.”

Well guess what, boys!  Your dreams have just come true.

Conveniently named “RompHims,” these one-piece suits are specifically designed for men, and are the brainchild of four friends who found that most men’s clothing options were either “too corporate… too fratty … too ‘runway’ … or too basic.”

RompHims were looking for $10,000 to being mass production on this brand new summer outfit, but have already amassed nearly $45,000.  A donation of $90 still, however, will net you your own pair.

Just in case you’re concerned before ordering a pair, there is a conveniently placed zipper along the front of the RompHim.  No need to completely disrobe in order to visit the men’s room!

Via Huffington Post


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