Ellen Forgot Katy Perry Was Married Once, And It’s The Most Hilarious And Awkward Moment On Television

And you thought it was impossible to love Ellen DeGeneres any more than you did already.

She recently had Katy Perry on her talk show when they started playing a game “Will You Perry Me?,” a play on “Would You Rather?”  Katy cried out, “Do I have to get married again?”  Ellen stared at Katy like she was crazy and responded “You were not married.”

For those of you with memories like Ellen, Katy was most definitely married, to actor and comedian Russell Brand.  Ellen could not be convinced, until Katy had to awkwardly mumble-whisper the name of her ex-husband before Ellen finally remembered.  The BEST part, however, is that Ellen even got them wedding presents, which she gave to them ON THE SHOW!

This clip gives us life, y’all.

Via Buzzfeed


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