Titanic Director James Cameron Sued by Florida Man Who Claims He Inspired the Love Story

The movie came out in 1997. Did this man just see it on Netflix?

James Cameron is being sued by a Florida man who claims he told the director about a couple on board the Titanic which he later used as the inspiration for Jack and Rose in the blockbuster movie.

Stephen Cummings says two of his relatives were on the Titanic and their love story is very similar to the one told by Cameron, whom he claims heard about the story nearly 10 years before making Titanic.
Court documents state that the complainant says Cameron got the idea from a conversation he overheard back in 1988.

Cummings is now asking for $300 million and 1 percent of the film’s royalties.

What took him so long to sue? Inquiring minds want to know.


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