Psychologists Examine Why Some People Refuse To Wear Seat Belts

Safety should be a huge priority as you set out to enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.

Safety should be a huge priority every day in fact, and the easiest thing to do to stay safe in your car is always buckling up.  It takes milliseconds, and greatly increases your chances to avoid serious accident and injury.

Why wouldn’t anybody wear the seatbelt while they’re in a vehicle?  Several psychologists tried to determine why exactly people refuse to wear a seatbelt.  At first thought, it could all boil down to comfort, but these psychologists say it can come down to a psychological reaction to the rules of the road.

The most common reasons people don’t wear seat belts include:

-It’s uncomfortable

-It wrinkles clothes

-It’s a short trip

-Might get trapped inside the car during an emergency

-Cars have air bags

-“I’m a skilled driver and will remain cautious”

-“I’m not going that fast”

If we look further, having all these automobile safety laws can give drivers a false sense of safety and security, which will lead to some thinking it’s unnecessary to wear a seatbelt.  For others, it could just be a total rebellion against the law.  Some people just don’t like the government telling them what to do.

Still, no matter how big a rebel you are, the National Safety Council concludes that wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of crash injuries by 50%, and the chances of surviving a potential crash increase by 70% if you wear a seat belt!

Stay safe this weekend!

Via BroBible


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