Man Strips Totally Nude At McDonald’s, Proceeds To Jump Around On Counter

You know, we get it.  The whole goal in going to McDonald’s is getting your food so fast you forget you’re in a McDonald’s.  And the people behind the counter are really great at their job.  Sometimes the line gets long, and we understand it might take a little longer to get our order than we anticipated.  There are plenty of reasonable ways to behave in a situation like this.

This fella did not behave in one of those ways.

This dude appears to be partaking in a drunken prank, and honestly it’s a HUGE surprise to us that alcohol was involved.  The guy is standing there with his buddy, near the soda fountain, and then proceeds to remove EVERYTHING, and make his way to the counter, much to the chagrin of all the employees and other customers who were not expecting that kind of Quarter Pounder.

Luckily he was stopped before he  could violate any of those poor french fries, but something tells us this isn’t quite the end of this story!

You can check out the completely NSFW video HERE.

Via NewNowNext


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