Jamie Foxx Let An Unknown Ed Sheeran Crash On His Couch For Six Weeks

Before anybody knew who Ed Sheeran was, the young singer bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles hoping he would make it big.

He found his way to actor and singer Jamie Foxx’s studio where he conducted his satellite radio show, where he introduced himself to Foxx as an aspiring singer.  After a quick impromptu audition, Foxx invited Sheeran back to his house to help him get situated and settled in Los Angeles.  Sheeran ended up staying for six weeks.

And if that isn’t enough, during the recording of his album X, Sheeran slept at Courteney Cox’s beach house!

Ed, in fact, introduced Courteney to her current fiance, Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid.

It pays to have friends in high places!

Via Buzzfeed


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