Size Does Matter When We’re Talking About This Two Foot Slice Of Pizza!

Y’all, we need to find our way to Yonkers, New York.  There we will find the Pizza Barn, where the staff on hand are rolling dough and creating delicious pies all while wearing shirts adorned with the phrase, “Size Does Matter.”

And boy, are they right.

Pizza Barn is famous for their gigantic slices of pizza, and at 24 inches, they are truly a sight to behold.

I need this right about now 🍕 #PIZZASLUT #Pizza #pizzabarn

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What dreams are made of 🍕#superslice

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It’s a travesty that all pizzerias don’t already offer a two foot long slice.  For their “super slice,” Pizza Barn charges $12 for a plain version, which honestly isn’t that bad.  If you get super fancy and order a mac and cheese or lasagna pizza, it’ll set you back up to $32.

Worth it.

Via Seventeen


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