Do You Think This Cat Looks Like Charlie Puth?

Yesterday, a girl named “Mars” Tweeted a picture of a cute lil’ kitty. So far, not newsworthy, right? Agreed. The thing is she compared the cat to Charlie Puth, saying they resembled each other.

I’ve spent a good 15 minutes staring at this cat, and I don’t see it. He’s white and furry and adorable, but I’m not getting the look-a-like factor. He doesn’t even have an eyebrow scar! The photo really started snowballing when the “Attention” singer himself shared it.

Now, all he did was add a kittyface emoji so maybe he’s not backing up her claim, but he definitely stirred up some intrigue. Comments range from “True”¬†to “It doesn’t tho lol” and even this artist rendering.

So, what do you think?

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